Thursday, March 27, 2008

Choose a Day to Spread the Net

As you all know, we're raising money for Spread the Net during our trip. So far we've had great success in fundraising, having received close to $8000 in donations (of which, of course, we do not take a penny).

To increase our fundraising efforts, we are now selling days of our trip. The idea is quite simple. For a $150 donation to Spread the Net, you can buy any day of the trip. You'll be the only person who gets that day. When we return from our trip we'll send you some pictures from that day, a written account, and perhaps some momento like the map section from that day or something we pick up along the way. It will be a way for you to share in our trip and to support a great cause at the same time. To get an idea of what our trip reports are like, feel free to read one here, or here, or here.

In total, we'll spend 43 days on the continent. If you'd like to buy a day and you have a preference for one, please send me an email and let me know. Roughly, we will spend:

five days in Egypt
five days in Sudan
five days in Ethopia
four days in Kenya
four days in Uganda and Rwanda
three days in Tanzania
four days in Malawi
three days in Zambia
three days in Botswana
seven days in South Africa.

You can make donations here. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to be in touch. You can also be in touch if you want to tell us we're crazy, but we likely won't listen!

Keep well and keep looking ahead!

UPDATE: A reminder of how generous our great friends are: we've already sold 9 days!
UPDATE2: As of this morning (March 28), we've sold 14 days!
UPDATE3: As of this afternoon (March 30), we've sold 18 days! The good news keeps coming!
UPDATE4: As of April 22, we've sold 22 days.


Vanderherberg said...

I keep on being encouraged by your site. We're doing the bicycle ride around Lake Ontario for Africycle (see if you can swing through Zomba, Malawi on your trip). Our site is if you want to see what we're up to.



CannonFodder said...

Hey guys, great blog and looking forward to the trip reports. I will be sposoring you as I think it's a great cause. Have you seen the Long Way Down yet? It's Boorman and McGregor's trip through Africa.

Peter Loewen said...

Hey, thanks to you both. We can't take credit for the idea, but we're sure glad someone suggested it to us.

I haven't seen Long Way Down but I have seen Long Way Round. Ewan and Charlie are pretty awesome. Our only hope is to be faster...

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