Friday, January 2, 2009

Six Thoughts on Long Way Down

I just watched Long Way Down on the long bus ride from Ottawa to North Bay. (Sam and I rang in the New Year with great friends and about three years worth of South African wine). I thought I would share six thoughts.

1.) I make jokes now and again (read: all the time) about what it's like to make a trip with a doctor, two trucks, and a full support team. But the ride those guys made was awesome. And they certainly dealt with more dirt than Sam and me.
2.) I think Charlie Boorman would make a terrible anthropologist.
3.) Why did they choose 1200 GSs for that ride? They are such huge bikes. I would have traded the 650 for a 400 on several instances. I can't imagine pushing 800 pounds of bike through the fesh fesh.
4.) Sam and I rode the piece from Marsabit to Archer's Post in a day, me with a broken bike. I am most proud of our push through this section. Charlie and Ewan chose some crazy alternate route! I still don't understand why!
5.) They pushed through Egypt like a couple of champions.
6.) They did more in three months than many riders do in a lifetime. So, if you're looking for inspiration, grab the DVDs and give it a go! It's worth the watch.
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