Saturday, February 9, 2008

What's to Come

When I review our to do list of things to be done before out trip, it sometimes seems more daunting than the trip itself. It doesn’t help, of course, that Sam is soon off to Afghanistan and I am jamming to finish up my dissertation. But half of the adventure is in the preparation and the other half is in figuring out how to handle what you forgot to prepare for.

We certainly plan to update this site regularly. We hope you’ll stop by frequently or even add it to your feeds. To give you a sneak peek of what’s to come, we’ll be dividing the posts up into several sections:

The Trip. This is our most general section and will mostly be articles about the trip as a whole, i.e. why we’re doing it, what decisions we are making, and our general reflections on the adventure.

The Cause. We will be raising money for a quite worthy cause during our ride. We are excited to share news about this soon and we’ll be excited to get your support. This section will host articles and entries about this cause.

The Route. We are keen to learn about our route before we track it and to inform our readers about it as well. So this section will contain some technical information about the route, but also some more country reports about the places we’re visiting.

The Gear. We have a lot of gear to bring and a lot to leave behind. We’ll discuss it here, as well as some product testing we’ll be doing along the way.

The Bikes. Same as the gear, except we won’t be testing any new bikes on this trip!

Old Stories. This isn’t our first adventure. We’ll post some stories about old adventures here.

So, that’s what’s to come. We’ll have something for everyone. Please come back often and tell your friends about the site. And keep looking ahead.


susan said...

oooo, this is exciting. i cant wait to hear how you guys navigate African terrains by roadbike...

CannonFodder said...

I am so jealous. I hope you guys will find a way to keep us poster during your trip.

Link said...

SO tell us a little bit about yourselves. Where are you from? What do you do when you're not making amazing motorcycle journeys? What other preparations are you making between now and the summer when yoou'll be making the ride? Travel visas, supplies and logistical issues, etc. How did you choose your route, are you avoiding certain politically unstable countries? This would all be very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Excited to see how it all goes!

wordnerd said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip! A million people have probably already told you this, but make sure to check out Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's Long Way Down where they took a similar treck a couple of years back. Granted their journey *might* be substantially different than yours given that they had the backing of the BBC, several multinational companies, etc...:*)

Nevertheless, looking forward to reading all about your adventures! Much luck to the both of you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys. What a journey! You'll inspire others to do the same I am sure. Have you both thought of doing the same in South America? That is my dream, to go there.


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