Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cairo to the Cape

There is no romance or history or revenge in this. Only challenge. We’ll ride our motorcycles from Cairo to Cape Town in six weeks. We will trace the Nile to Khartoum, cross the mountains into Ethiopia, and then run a long, winding route over the top of Lake Victoria, down to Malawi, across Zambia to Botswana and down to the Cape.

We don’t plan to take much or to leave with anything but our panniers and pictures. But given the pace of our past trips and the time for this one, we cannot even promise that we’ll even have many of those. Maybe we’ll just leave with recollections and stories and a new scar or two.

We are using this site to tell those interested about our preparations for the trip, to share some of our stories of past bike trips, to review the gear and equipment we’ll be bringing, and to give you information about the countries we’ll be visiting and the cause we’ll be helping along the way. We also want to let you know how you can help.

We leave in July and return in August. We hope to hear from all of you before, during and, of course, after.

In the meantime, here’s pictures of us at the end of a couple of great rides. The top picture is at Andrew Black’s place in Halifax after a run through the Gaspesie and New Brunswick last May. The bottom one is at Red Bay at the end of the Trans-Labrador Highway at the start of September. We covered 2200 kms in a little over two days, the majority on gravel. Neither of these trips were hard. This one will be. Stay tuned and stay in touch. And keep looking ahead.

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Kate Hutchinson said...

You guys look pretty tough in the top photo. Is this just about putting nerdy days behind you? Really though I think it's great you guys are doing this. I'm jealous.

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