Sunday, June 21, 2009

A first test for the FJR

As Peter mentioned, I recently turned 40. Well, not actually, but I did buy a sports touring bike. I must say that my Yamaha FJR is nothing like a GoldWing. This thing takes the twisties without breaking pace and holds 150 on the highway without breaking a sweat. It's a totally different machine than the KLR. I'm feeling more and more at ease in the saddle and I've already put on 5,000kms this season.

When my good friend Kathryn decided to get married in Austin, TX I felt the call. The idea of a cross U.S. road trip has always held appeal. This trip is ambitious, but it feels realistic.

This will be my first trip riding 2up. My girlfriend, Yuri, is coming along. What a sport! Especially since we have a tight schedule: 6400 kms through 14 states over eight and a half days with three baseball games (in Cincinnati, Arlington and Chicago) and a wedding thrown in. This is the route:

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lsn said...

Yuri is a braver woman than I am. That's a lot of travel in a short period!

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