Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Fast Week

I write from Joburg. We arrived here yesterday afternoon after a hectic eight days on the road. We left Nairobi early on Friday, August 1. We spent two nights in Tanzania, two in Malawi, two in Zambia (including one great night on a huge farm) and one night in Botswana. We then crossed into South Africa and landed in Joburg. All told, we covered some 4000 kms. I can't be certain as my odometer has not worked since Ethiopia.

We leave tomorrow for Lesotho and then for Cape Town. It's been an exhilirating if exhausting week, and both Sam and I are a little under the weather. But on balance we're great. We are staying with a great friend of Sam's and we've received a welcome which is worthy of the famous South African hospitality. I shall write more about the last leg of the trip in the coming days. In the meantime it's back to catching up on sleep!


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Hey guys, good to see you are making good progress - it looks like you will easily make your deadline. We're in Kisoro, Uganda at the moment. Today we got face to face (maybe 6 feet away) with a 200 kg Silverback named Mac.

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