Monday, June 16, 2008

On the Line, Saying Goodbye

Our departure is staring us down pretty quickly. Sam is soon to leave his posting and I am soon to defend my dissertation. A week later I'll fly off to Europe, followed by Sam a few days later. We meet in Cairo on the fifth of July.

But before we go we're having a party and everyone should come. The party is being held Saturday, June 28th at Bar GP, a great old school bar in the Plateau in Montreal. It's at 750 Gilford, just a couple of blocks east of St Denis and north of Mont Royal. (It's right by the Laurier metro station). It begins around 9.

David Myles and his band will be playing. David's a great friend, but more importantly he's a great musician. You can check him out here.

There's no cover. We just ask that you make a donation to cover the small costs of the event. All the rest will go to Spread the Net.

We're looking forward to hoisting a glass with old friends and new friends, so please feel free to come.

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Britney said...

I'll be sure to raise my glass that night to you even though I'll be in the Bay. Goodluck!

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